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Cruises can be a perfect way to relax and see new destinations. Dine on gourmet food and be entertained all day long as you travel the high seas.

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Choose a cruise that suits your needs. Not everyone wants to be on a huge ship with gourmet food and open bars. Sometimes it's nicer to go with the smaller boutique option.

Research First

find cheap cruises tips
While booking early is great, if you know exactly what you want, latecomers can also get great deals so long as they are flexible in what they want. In the last 90 days before departure you'll find some great deals so long as you're not so strict on your routes.

Be Flexible

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Always compare prices across multiple cruise companies to get a better deal.

Use Comparison Sites

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Some cabins are cheaper than others. If you're willing to forgo a window then you'll get a better deal. Perfect if you're someone who doesn't plan on spending too much time inside.

Choose your Cabin Wisely

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If the destination is more important than the season that you travel in then book a low season ticket. Not only will it be cheaper but also quieter.

Go Off Season

find cheap cruises tips
The good thing about cruises is that most things are included in the price. The bad news is that not everything is included. Laundry can be expensive so take plenty of clothes. Drinks can come at restaurant prices so stock up on the essentials while you're ashore.

Watch Out for Hidden Costs

find cheap cruises tips
Vessel organized shore excursions can be expensive and over crowded. To save some money you can organize your own. Get online and make your plans. just make sure that you're back before the ship leaves as it won't wait.

Plan your own Shore Excursions

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