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how to get cheap flights tip
If you can cope with a few stop-overs and a longer travel time then you'll find cheaper tickets.

Avoid Direct Flights

how to get cheap flights tip 2
Busy holiday seasons such as Christmas and summer can see a huge jump in prices. Travel in the low season for cheaper flights.

Travel Off Season

how to get cheap flights tip 3
Always compare prices across multiple airlines to get a better deal.

Use Comparison Sites

how to get cheap flights tip 4
It's rare, nowadays, that you'll get a cheap last minute flight. Book early if you have the option.

Book Early

how to get cheap flights tip 5
Budget airlines can offer great deals if you can book early and don;t have much baggage. Just be careful of the hidden extra fees.

Check Out Budget Airlines

how to find cheap flights tip 6
Weekend travel can be notoriasly expensive. Traveling during the week can offer big savings. Make multiple searches on different days of the week and compare prices.

Search for the Cheapest Days to Travel

how to get cheap flights tip 7
If you have more than one airport in your area then check their prices as well.

Look for Alternate Airports

how to get cheap flights tip 8
Avoid excess baggage fees by making sure that you bags are within the recommended allowance before you get to the airport.

Weigh your Bags before Leaving Home

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